As I research resources for the book I am working on, I come across some resources that I really want to share out. Case in Point: Scribblenauts Remix an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad, approx $.99.

SR is a sandbox game where players have to solve certain problems to unlock the star hidden on each level. They can type in or speak what they want to create in the game environment and <poof> it appears.

Need to get a star from the top of a Christmas tree? Simply type in axe, chainsaw, or ladder and give it to your character to use. The game recognizes, and encourages adjectives and descriptive terms as well. So why not create a giant hungry rainbow beaver? The real strength of the game is that how players solve the problem in the game is completely up to them.

While aimed at the children’s market, there were definitely several levels that were a challenge for me to complete which raises the bar on this fun and creative game. I give high marks to Scribblenauts Remix and look forward to updates that bring more levels to the game.