December 2011

I wanted to share two podcasts that has been in heavy rotation on my devices. The first is MIT’s Game Design class that explores the ideas and process of game design. It is a fascinating look into the process that goes into good game design and provides a great anchor point for looking at how games connecting to learning.

The other podcast is Ludology that explores the large topic of the study of games. Each week they focus on a topic and try to explore it in depth. It is a great reflective piece that looks at the history, process and experiences of play.

If you have space in your listening rotation, I highly recommend either one of these great gaming resources.


I am becoming more intrigued by the potential of hybrid gaming. I think it is a natural progression toward a blending of the best of the two gaming mediums. This mixture maintains the social contracts brought about by the analog game space while making more complex and engaging game experience accessible to more players through rules facilitation, bits handling/clean-up, and language adjustments.

More and more companies are beginning to look towards this mixed media, though the quality of the game experiences are still lacking I feel but I am encouraged by the momentum. Here are a few more examples of resources out for the holidays (note the second video is in Dutch I believe but you get the feel for the game):


A holiday gift buying guide I wrote for School Library Journal’s December Gaming Life Column. Some great recommendations of a few very good games.

‘Tis the Season: A wonderland of new games for classrooms, libraries, or just for fun.

Included games include: