March 2009

I didn’t want to be a stranger too much as I work on the board game book for ALA. We had a snag along the way that set us back a month, but we are heading along now and see the light! In the meantime, I wanted to share another great site with two great opportunities. Funagain Games is an online board game retailer that understands and supports educators.

Why do tell!

For the last six months, Funagain has been giving away two monthly gaming grants:

“Funagain Games believes board games are a great way to promote education, learning and community outreach. As such Funagain Games is proud to announce a monthly grant program dedicated to providing games to organizations that further those ideals in their daily work. Each month Funagain Games will provide a $100 grant to a school, library, or community organization, and another to a game group, to be used for any merchandise offered on the Funagain website.”

With Funagain’s selection, this is a wonderful opportunity for a small library or classroom to start a gaming collection. In addition to the monthly gaming grants, Funagain is also running a contest for upcoming Earth Day:

Funagain Games is encouraging kids and teachers to participate in the Arthur Saves the Planet Giveaway Contest! Kids can win a copy of Arthur Saves the Planet: The Boardgame for their classroom. The contest is open to any child in grades K-3, living in the US.”

Arthur Saves the Planet is a new game designed by Mike Siggins and distributed by FRED Distribution aimed at introducing primary and elementary level students to more sophisticated play mechanics while educating them about environmental issues. With a few slight modifications to play, the game has the potential to work well with students.

If all this were not enough, THEY TAKE PURCHASE ORDERS! I have yet to find another online board game retailer that accepts purchase orders, so this is a rare thing indeed. They just get educators; the opportunities, selection and ease of access garners my respect and thanks.


If you have not had a chance to take a look at Games for Educators, I highly recommend that you take a few minutes. They are a great resource for information and ideas regarding using games as educational resources. With a growing forum and a great podcast featuring Giles Pritchard and Tom Vasel.

Currently, they are running a contest looking for stories where games are used in education. The winner, to be chosen on May 1st, will receive $100 worth of board games from Out of the Box Games. The prize package includes:

Backseat Drawing
10 Days in USA
10 Days in Europe
My Word

If you have a story to share, take some time and share your success with your peers… who knows!