I have new art to share from my upcoming game, Freedom: The Underground Railroad. I just got back the rest of the player boards which players keep infront of them during play. They represent different roles that the players may take on during their struggle to bring down the institution of slavery. I love the strength and period feel of the characters.

The Stockholder is a powerful fundraiser for the Abolitionist Cause

The Station Master helps slaves on the run evade catchers in pursuit.

The Shepard helps to coordinate and plan the movement of slaves making their way north towards freedom.

The Agent also helps bring about change through political action and influence.





Freedom, my game about the abolitionist movement and the Underground Railroad is getting close to going to print now. There have been waves of playtesting and quite a bit of tweaks and adjustments to help the game’s tension and feel. Currently, we are in the art stage with two separate artists working on the game.

Jarek Nocoń is working on the game component art. I am very excited to be working with him as he has been responsible for many games that I enjoy. The cover art is being done by Steve Paschal, who has done the cover art for most of Academy Game’s releases. I got the cover art back recently and I could not be more thrilled. It captures the tension of the game and is a true work of art.