I had a chance to talk with Giles Pritchard and Donald Dennis of the Games in School and Libraries Podcast a bit about my work and the value of games in education. Episode number 19.



This has been a crazy few weeks, I have been writing almost everyday to finish up the first chapter for the book I am working on for Neal-Schuman. In that time, I also put up my first game that I have designed free to share. It is called Conductor and it is a cooperative, card driven game about the Underground Railroad. Players are working together to help bring down the institution of slavery utilizing action tokens, specialized player roles and cards that feature events and people who were influential during that time period.

Here is a quick link to the rules and some images of the game board and cards. The game is currently free to print out and play, you will just need to do some cutting and constructing to get the game together. Please feel free to send me an email if you have any questions.

It has been a while since I have had a chance to post. Let me take a minutes to catch everyone up. I have had a daughter (Zuli – now 10 months old), written several articles for School Library Journal and 2 articles for the newest Knowledge Quest for ALA. One is an interview with one of my favorite designers, Martin Wallace. The second is a further refinement on my work exploring games and AASL’s Standards for the 21st Century Learner. I have also been working feverishly on designing a game, Conductor, a cooperative game about the Underground Railroad. It is coming along nicely, but still needs a bit more playtesting and refinement.

The most exciting news, second to the birth of my new daughter, is that I have started writing a second book for Neal-Schuman entitled: Get Gaming in the Library that will be a curriculum resource guide for teachers and school librarians covering analog, iOS and web based games.

As I write the book, I will share some of the resources I am exploring here, giving snippets and glimpses into my research.

It is good to be back to the keyboard and back to my blog. Look out for may gaming column in School Library Journal’s October Issue.