DriveThruRPG is offering specials and highlighting RPG experiences for kids at their website. Their goal is to increase social interaction, critical thinking and problem solving skills amongst children; a cause I can very much get behind. I wrote about parsley games a while back and what a wonderful tool they are for group problem solving and reasoning as well as a space for collaborative projects between ELA and Math/Science for creative writing blended with logic/deduction. I discovered DriveThruRPG because they used to carry the Parsley line of games and have started exploring their resources since then.

Speaking of Parsley Games, they are kickstarting a new Parsley Game right now. Kickstarting is a newer way that people can get a project going. Many  smaller and independent board game publishers have been using it as a way to crowdfund their projects. If the project raises its target goal, it goes forward otherwise the backers get their money back. Flashpoint: Fire Rescue was a game that I Kickstarted a little while ago and did a preview video here on my blog. The new Parsley game: Z-Ward looks to be interesting. It would definitely be for high schools, though not necessarily for every school as it has a darker edge than many of their other titles. Still, it should be worth checking out for the more daring HS libraries and any public library as well.