Mindflex has finally made its way to my eagerly awaiting hands and I must say that its debut for any audience does not disappoint. Mindflex is a fun blend of dexterity and concentration as you work a ball around a circular obstacle course that you set up beforehand from the various accessories that come in the box. The basic mechanic has the player using their level of focus to control a fan inside the base unit. The more one “focuses” on something, anything, the higher the ball should go and vice versa. From my experience, I can’t say if it is “focus” but there is some attentive change necessary for manipulating the ball and that varies for the individuals playing. Some needed to talk to lessen their concentration while others can simply manipulate the ball with ease. In either case, the ability to affect an object with some aspect of your brain’s activity is impressive even if it is not true telepathy.

First go’s at the game usually comprise of just getting the feel for controlling the fan that makes the ball go up and down. Once you become comfortable, the next challenge is maintaining that control as you attempt the turn the knob that rotates the fan around the obstacle course. While this is the least impressive aspect of Mindflex, I will say that it still a bit of a challenge to maintain a certain level of focus while also manipulating the knob.

The obstacles are fun but can grow old after repeated uses. I can see Mattel putting out obstacle expansions to maintain playability over a longer period of time. That being said, they are good fun for you first adventures. Included in the box are posts that allow rings to be placed at various heights for the ball to be passed through. I find it much easier to maintain the high level of focus needed to  pass the ball through a higher hoop than the trickle needed to make it though a lower one. There are cages with adjustable walls and floors for making mini-mazes, as well as a few other interesting obstacles including a tube with a low entry hole that allows you to shoot the ball across the game with a “burst of focus”.

While not overly complex, each of the obstacles (and the game itself for that matter) leaves you with a sense accomplishment and wonder. It brings to reality one of those surreal moments where we dance close to our crazy dreams. Am I actually moving the ball with my mind? No… but I am actively adjusting the level of a fan with the electrical energy that is firing off in my brain and that is pretty damn good enough for me. What excites me is that this is the first mainstream foray that this technology has into the game and toy market. I can only imagine what the possibilities are as this technology matures and become more sophisticated and refined. Mindflex is an experience, one that I highly recommend everyone to at least try.