National Gaming Day is fast approaching and looks to be shaping up to be another wonderful year. While Hasbro has promised games to the public libraries, school libraries are not left out this year. There are games available for the first 1000 libraries that register and this includes school libraries! Registration will be closing soon, so school libraries interested in participation should register and get themselves on the map.

While the event takes place on a Saturday, that does not exclude school libraries from participating. If you are able to organize a student event on that Saturday there are a lot of great resources on both ALA’s Library Gaming Toolkit as well as NDG’s website. One great idea for the bold and daring is to have a “lock in” starting on Friday night. This would be a whole evening event where students, teachers and parents are locked in the school and participate in various events, programs and fun activities. What a great idea to center a lock-in around gaming with students, teacher and parents playing games all night and into NGD!

If you are unable to host an event, you can still support your community libraries that are participating by volunteering your time or helping to advertise the event in your school. Put up posters! Talk it up in your library! Give fun and informative announcements in the morning! You are a strong bridge between the students and the public and academic libraries. The memories and impressions you help establish will guide their interactions with these institutions. By being present and offering your time, your are showing your support of the services and programs they are providing.

Don’t dismiss NGD because it is on a Saturday, be creative and get involved! Gaming has withstood the initial criticism and emerged a strong and valuable resource that creates community, develops the individual and stimulates the mind.