You have been reading all about these fantastic games for the school library, but there is so much more!   There are console, computer, RPG, big games and a host of other ways to engage your students through play.  Now is your chance to charge your gaming CHI and be a part of what is one of the most exciting movements in libraries since Dewey dropped the knowledge.

To gain said mystic aura, consider attending one of the most anticipated conferences of the year… The 2nd Annual Gaming, Learning and Libraries Symposium taking place in Chicago, November 2nd through the 4th.  Experts in the field of gaming and libraries will be coming to share their experience and best practices.  I will be presenting, along with my colleague Christopher Harris, on the alignment work that we have been doing with board games, plus we will co-presenting with Scott Nicholson a rather tongue in cheek look at modern board games and why they PWN.

Space is limited, so if you are excited about what is happening with gaming in libraries and would like to start building the knowledge base and skill set to build a fantastic gaming program for your school library, then get yourself down to Chigago!