Last night the masses sat huddled in line. The singer, guitarist and drummer were still warming when they started letting people in the door. The placed was close to capacity. Fans jostled to get a better view.

This is how the gaming and gadgets event kicked off. The room was packed with librarians of all age brackets playing, socializing and engaging each other… playing.

Too often we forget how to play. That wonderful embrace of spontaneous silliness is slowly crowded out by the ever-growing pieces of responsibility baggage that we start to pick up on our dash out of adolescence.

Last night successfully captured that magic and brought all of the positive benefits that come with play:

  • imagination, team work, support, encouragement, strategy, skill building, exercise, social connections, and a warm fuzzy feeling!

Thanks again to Jenny Levine and Aaron Schmidt for letting us come be a part of what was a wonderful evening!