Numbers League

Numbers League is a clever card offering from Rochester’s Bent Castle Workshop. Up to four players participate in this quirky superhero themed game of build and capture. The game’s 20-30 minute play time makes it an easy fit into a class period. And while the initial game incorporates elementary mathematics, the Infinity Level Expansion takes the skill level up to a middle school math.

In the center of the gaming area are various villains, each assigned a numerical value ranging from single digit negatives to around fifty. Players work to capture them by building superheroes from cards in their hands. Cards represent heads, bodies and legs of differing numerical quantities. Their body part’s combined value is used to match and thereby capture villains. So, a hero with a 3 head, -1 body and 2 legs could capture a villain with a value of 4.

A player can combine any number of heroes that they build to help them capture. The more superheros a player builds, the more combinations they have at their disposal. There are also community cards available for all players to swap from and use. If those cards make a complete hero, it serves as a side-kick that can be used by all players in their numerical assault on evil.

The last set of tools in the players’ arsenal are…tools. Boots, rayguns, belts and more serve as one time multipliers and modifiers to a hero’s value allowing them to more easily reach those difficult to reach values.

Numbers League is a game that succeeds where so many other “math games” have failed. It provides a quick and fun gaming experience with strong curricular connections while disguising math behind colorful, quirky graphics and an enjoyable mechanic.