Trains at the stationTrains continue to be a constant source of fascination in many cultures. From English trainspotters to American Lionel model enthusiasts, trains have continued to dig their roots into our culture….. and our games.

Ticket to Ride has you working to connect destinations spanning the continental US. The beauty of Ticket is the game play mechanics. By only allowing you one action per turn, the game keeps a brisk pace while forcing you to make and re-evaluate your strategy on the fly. Your immediate goal is to connect major cities featured on route tickets. How you are able to do so depends on the luck of the cards and your opponents. Players connect cities by collecting the corresponding number of colored train cards and using them to lay down train cars. Points are accumulated by laying down trains and at the end by adding on points for completed routes and having the longest train.

Ticket unwittingly reinforces US geographical skills while providing an authentic gaming experience; making this a great addition for home, school libraries and classrooms.